Tim Smithe is an International Speaker, a two-time Emmy® Award winning Adman, and an intuitive Business Consultant.


Tim is on the Board of Directors for Walter E Smithe, and his portfolio also includes Chicago Butter Cookies, The Tim Smithe Exploration Show, and a Business Consulting Firm, where he uses his 25 years of business, plus his expansive list of contacts, to help new business get started and established businesses to make more money.

Motivational Speaking

While traveling the world from behind the podium, Tim has presented to a range of audiences, from the Heads of State at NATO to a rousing Commencement Address for graduates of the Art Institute. He has inspired organizations from Make-a-Wish to Wintrust Mortgage as an expert in Goal Manifestation, Leadership, and Creativity.


Tim cut his teeth as the CMO of Walter E Smithe Furniture + Design, and as champion of the brand, he shepherded his Ad team to boost the Smithe name from relative obscurity into a household name.

Tim Smithe Advertising, a creative boutique agency in Chicago, believes that you can’t bore your customer into buying. So he produces disruptive ads that apply his vivid imagination, tempered with marketing acumen. His team designs media plans, and then negotiates the hell out of them.

His advertising work has been featured everywhere from the Oprah Winfrey Show to The NBC Nightly News, CNN to Fox, the Huffington Post to Rollingstone.com, regional radio stations, and newspapers. He has written and appeared in over 50 TV commercials, for clients beyond Smithe, such as KFC, Peapod Grocery and the Discover Card.

Experts in the field have referred to him as a marketing savant due to his out-ofthe-box storytelling, unconventional style and creative execution. (tim@timsmithe.com)

Family Business

Arm-in-arm with his brothers, Tim advanced Walter E. Smithe Furniture + Design into one of the most admired companies in Chicago. They turned an already good company into a great one, and created millions of dollars of new wealth along the way. Tim earned his business black belt by investing 60,000 hours into leading and managing interior designers and expert marketers.

Tim is a scrappy merchant who is not afraid to roll up his retail sleeves. His trials and tribulations as a family business owner have turned him into an expert for both small business and family business. Friends, family and colleagues have attributed his success to a natural boundless energy, a fire in his belly to succeed, natural entrepreneurial instincts, and good old-fashioned hard work.


Tim is a humanitarian. His mission is to create positive change to help to make the world a better place. He sat on the Board for the Kerry Wood Family Foundation, Chicago’s Gateway Green, and the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Tim has also served as a Professor of Marketing at Columbia Chicago.


In 1963, Tim was born to a working-class family in Park Ridge, a suburb just outside of the Chicago city limits. As the grandson of Irish-Polish immigrants, he learned a strong work ethic at an early age while attending Notre Dame High School. Tim then “found himself” and his love of life while attending Saint Mary’s University.

His climb from a $22,000-a-year furniture salesman to leading entrepreneur was not always an easy one. But using his desire to succeed, he climbed the corporate ladder while earning his MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, and became the youngest member of the Kellogg Advisory Board.


Tim is a proud husband, and married the best person he ever met, Mary Astor Smithe. They love living and dining in both Chicago and in the woods of Indiana. When he is not working, Tim “coaches” his six kids, snowboards and sings in a few rock bands. And he daydreams about his next TV commercial. More at www.timsmithe.com